My Artwork

© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

Different envelopes and bookmarks I made out of waste. That's the best I could do with waste. :-)

BOOKMARKs I have tried making first time.

My 1st try of Crochet Cap made for me.

Circular design on head.

And this is 2nd Crochet Cap (with flower) I made. This one is for my sister.

Circular design on head

                                                    © 2012 Shrina Vaidik


                                   © 2013 Shrina Vaidik

Bird made by paper quilling

Peacock made by paper quilling

Crocheted Baby boots

Crocheted new-born baby boots

Baby boots
Adult slipper


  1. Good One.........i liked it.........

  2. Hello dear,,, ur artwork is totally awesome... keep it up ...with good work i hope u'll be more success in ur life...

    best wishes... :)

    good luck

    --- Rajat

  3. superlyk..:):)

    awesome wrk..!!!:)

  4. Thanks Rajat and the next one.

    Please you guys mention your names (if possible). :-)